Players in: Spring 2024 Season 

Note that only players who have been added to current nomination lists are included in the list below.

    Matches Played
Abergavenny ATej Saran Singh1Premier 17512
Abergavenny AJohn Procter2Premier 16713
Abergavenny ASteve Williams3Premier 16713
Abergavenny AEllis Lawrence4Premier 17714
Abergavenny AChris Hill5Premier 17714
Abergavenny BMike Logan1East Central 17613
Abergavenny BGareth Richards2East Central 17714
Abergavenny BGareth Hughes-Jones3East Central 1000
Abergavenny BCarl Whiteman4East Central 17714
Abergavenny BMitchell Lawrence5East Central 16612
Abergavenny BDave Myatt6East Central 1022
Abergavenny BDaniel Weare7East Central 15510
Abergavenny BChristopher Owen8East Central 1213
Abergavenny BGary Hortop9East Central 1112
Abergavenny BMatthew Thompson10East Central 1000
Abergavenny BJenny Lewis11East Central 1000
Abergavenny BColin Spaven12East Central 1000
Abergavenny BRob Ellis13East Central 1000
Beaufort Park 1Wes Billings1NE Wales 16612
Beaufort Park 1James Silvester [g]2NE Wales 1101
Beaufort Park 1Alan Coppack3NE Wales 15611
Beaufort Park 1Steve Bell4NE Wales 16612
Beaufort Park 1Patrick Finch5NE Wales 1101
Beaufort Park 1Ian Devenport6NE Wales 15611
Beaufort Park 2Dan Percy1NE Wales 15611
Beaufort Park 2Joe Perez2NE Wales 1448
Beaufort Park 2Ian Hollis3NE Wales 18715
Beaufort Park 2Lindsey Silvester [g]4NE Wales 13710
Beaufort Park 2Wayne Lawrence5NE Wales 1235
Beaufort Park 2Dave Jones6NE Wales 1000
Beaufort Park 2Alun Lucy7NE Wales 1358
Beaufort Park 2Kevin Williams8NE Wales 1033
Beaufort Park 2Kris Kupalis9NE Wales 1112
Beaufort Park 2David McKinlay10NE Wales 1224
Beaufort Park 2Patrick Evans11NE Wales 1112
Beaufort Park 2Martin Burgess12NE Wales 1224
Bridgend ALloyd Forkan1Premier 1549
Bridgend ADavid Howe2Premier 14610
Bridgend AMatthew Williams3Premier 1404
Bridgend ADavid Thomas4Premier 1707
Bridgend ARobert Howe5Premier 17613
Bridgend AMatthew Murphy6Premier 1202
Bridgend BStuart Bevan1South Central 2202
Bridgend BNeale Jones2South Central 2538
Bridgend BPaul Grosvenor3South Central 2404
Bridgend BDafydd Watkins4South Central 24711
Bridgend BPhillip John Pook5South Central 2101
Bridgend BAnthony David Bevan6South Central 2000
Bridgend CChris Hampton1South Central 5358
Bridgend CRichard Barrett2South Central 5538
Bridgend CMike Phillips3South Central 59514
Bridgend CGraham Bastian4South Central 5358
Bridgend CDaniel McKelvie5South Central 57714
Bridgend CBen Andrianiko6South Central 59615
Bridgend CChris Beale7South Central 5145
Bridgend CChris Chappell8South Central 54610
Bridgend DCrispen Seabrook1South Central 77613
Bridgend DJames Ridd2South Central 74610
Bridgend DJonathan Ling3South Central 7415
Bridgend DEliza Hales4South Central 78917
Bridgend DGareth Jones5South Central 77815
Bridgend DNathan Boardman6South Central 7549
Bridgend DStan Hawrylak7South Central 7000
Bridgend DHarry Dyer8South Central 73710
Bridgend DGerwyn Davies9South Central 7000
Bridgend DWarwick Arnold10South Central 7011
Bridgend DMichael Walsh11South Central 7303
Bridgend DStephen Davies12South Central 75712
Bridgend DCarl James13South Central 7000
Bridgend DDavid St David Smith14South Central 7000
Bridgend DRob Hales15South Central 7022
Bridgend DHeidi Hales16South Central 7235
Buckley ElfedAlistair Holl1NE Wales 1358
Buckley ElfedTony Puplett2NE Wales 1011
Buckley ElfedJon Hughes3NE Wales 1011
Buckley ElfedBryan Hiller4NE Wales 1000
Buckley ElfedNathan Delves5NE Wales 1145
Buckley ElfedLee Griffith6NE Wales 1336
Buckley ElfedChris Brown7NE Wales 15510
Buckley ElfedGraeme Jones8NE Wales 1459
Buckley ElfedJanet Coleman9NE Wales 1437
Buckley ElfedPaul Davies10NE Wales 1336
Caernarfon 3Dafydd Dafis1Eryri 2415
Caernarfon 3Meilir Huws2Eryri 26612
Caernarfon 3Sion Ll Jones3Eryri 25510
Caernarfon 3Osian Larsen4Eryri 2448
Caernarfon 3Trystan Larsen5Eryri 2538
Caernarfon 3Arwel Jones6Eryri 2448
Caernarfon 3Dan Doughty7Eryri 2404
Caernarfon 3Deian Williams8Eryri 2000
Caernarfon 3Jonathon Wakefield9Eryri 2358
Caernarfon 3Iwan Griffiths10Eryri 2022
Caernarfon CadnantOwain Roberts1Eryri 15510
Caernarfon CadnantSion C Jones2Eryri 1145
Caernarfon CadnantNeal Morris3Eryri 1538
Caernarfon CadnantIwan Barker-Jones4Eryri 1459
Caernarfon CadnantIwan Hughes5Eryri 1000
Caernarfon MenaiRhodri Jones1Eryri 1549
Caernarfon MenaiAled Lloyd Jones2Eryri 1549
Caernarfon MenaiDavid Parry3Eryri 1404
Caernarfon MenaiTomos Gashe4Eryri 1347
Caernarfon MenaiGwion Jones5Eryri 1549
Caldicot ALouis Randle1East Central 15510
Caldicot APeter Davies2East Central 15510
Caldicot AJohn Burrows3East Central 1415
Caldicot AColston Bryant4East Central 1347
Caldicot APaul Brennan5East Central 17613
Caldicot BJohn Turner1East Central 29716
Caldicot BSteve Smith2East Central 2606
Caldicot BGraham Till3East Central 27815
Caldicot BIvan Weaver4East Central 26713
Caldicot BSean Connoly5East Central 2033
Caldicot BBarrie Davies6East Central 27815
Caldicot BJames Walby7East Central 28917
Caldicot BIan Scott8East Central 2112
Caldicot BSimon Bond9East Central 2055
Caldicot BBogdan Brezuleanu10East Central 2000
Cardiff AArchie Turnbull1Premier 17714
Cardiff ANic Birt2Premier 1325
Cardiff AStephen Thompson3Premier 1448
Cardiff ADale Bradley4Premier 16612
Cardiff ARichard Tailby5Premier 17613
Cardiff ATom Howells6Premier 1639
Cardiff BBen Pinfold1South Central 1257
Cardiff BAngus White2South Central 17512
Cardiff BPhil Cording3South Central 17512
Cardiff BHarris Faizi4South Central 1437
Cardiff BRichard Smith5South Central 1257
Cardiff BJac Cottrell6South Central 17411
Cardiff CGareth Ludkin1South Central 27714
Cardiff CJoseph Buck2South Central 26814
Cardiff CSteffan Radsma3South Central 26814
Cardiff CElliott Lynn4South Central 2404
Cardiff CPaul Murphy5South Central 28917
Cardiff CDane Sexton6South Central 2000
Cardiff CSteve Everest7South Central 2279
Cardiff DAlex Wilkins1South Central 381119
Cardiff DTom Lynn2South Central 3606
Cardiff DBadt Gwom3South Central 34610
Cardiff DTim Arnold4South Central 37714
Cardiff DDan Bradford5South Central 35712
Cardiff DDaniel Frood6South Central 3268
Cardiff DTom Murray7South Central 3000
Cardiff ESpike Marlow1South Central 5808
Cardiff EPeter Draper2South Central 5000
Cardiff ERhian Davies3South Central 510818
Cardiff EHenry Vaile4South Central 56713
Cardiff ESam Hewat5South Central 56511
Cardiff EGethin James6South Central 55510
Cardiff EAdam Adamou7South Central 5145
Cardiff EOwen Bater8South Central 5347
Cardiff FAlex Smith1South Central 67613
Cardiff FDaniel Kozlen2South Central 6325
Cardiff FSam Evans3South Central 6426
Cardiff FGwyn Stephens4South Central 67512
Cardiff FDeclan Ollif5South Central 66814
Cardiff FLaura James6South Central 6606
Cardiff FFiona Williams7South Central 6011
Cardiff FRichard James8South Central 66511
Cardiff FHenry Diernie9South Central 6022
Cardiff FJamie Diserens10South Central 6145
Cardiff FDafydd Paxton11South Central 6235
Cardiff Medics ARavanth Baskaran1South Central 5415
Cardiff Medics ABertie Hillier2South Central 56713
Cardiff Medics ARichard Bennett3South Central 5549
Cardiff Medics AJoe Lillington4South Central 5628
Cardiff Medics ABen Wooding5South Central 5303
Cardiff Medics AOliver Robson6South Central 5077
Cardiff Medics BPippa Softley1South Central 7516
Cardiff Medics BAditya Singh2South Central 7213
Cardiff Medics BNick Wetherall3South Central 7000
Cardiff Medics BTom Kinnell4South Central 7044
Cardiff Medics BOllie Message5South Central 7202
Cardiff Medics BLouis Clayton6South Central 7538
Cardiff Medics BIsaac Wright7South Central 74610
Cardiff Medics BDaniel Moody8South Central 7336
Cardiff Medics BShaun Williams9South Central 7101
Cardiff Medics BFred Oliver10South Central 7538
Cardiff Medics BRahul Chawathe11South Central 7077
Cardiff Medics BMateusz Kuczynski12South Central 7459
Cardiff Medics BAlistair Atkins13South Central 7246
Cardiff Medics BBay Hill14South Central 7112
Cardiff Medics BToby Levy15South Central 7044
Cardiff Medics BKeerthi Suresh Babu16South Central 7022
Cardiff Medics BLauren Dollimore17South Central 7358
Cardiff Medics BAnest Edwards18South Central 7134
Cardiff Medics BAlexandra Panton19South Central 7213
Cardiff Medics BChristina Sam20South Central 7101
Cardiff Medics BKatherine Shi21South Central 7000
Cardiff Medics BOlivia Mackay22South Central 7000
Cardiff Medics BElzbieta Kudlinska23South Central 7000
Cardiff University AJames Horler1South Central 16410
Cardiff University AJoshua Audsley2South Central 17714
Cardiff University AGianluca Bianchi3South Central 16713
Cardiff University ALayna Beattie4South Central 1336
Cardiff University AEllis Miller5South Central 1347
Cardiff University AMegan Evans6South Central 1347
Cardiff University AJosh Birch7South Central 1325
Cardiff University BYuji Westmacott1South Central 47512
Cardiff University BRitvik Bharamgoudar2South Central 46612
Cardiff University BLuke Webb3South Central 45813
Cardiff University BJack Williams4South Central 4448
Cardiff University BSam Baughen5South Central 4246
Cardiff University BChristiaan Starke6South Central 44610
Cardiff University BKavi Morjaria7South Central 4369
Cardiff University BEva Ford8South Central 4112
Cardiff University CKate Gibson1South Central 75510
Cardiff University CHana Rowlands2South Central 77512
Cardiff University CKathryn Woods3South Central 7000
Cardiff University CTara Radia4South Central 7347
Cardiff University CSophie Fisher5South Central 7101
Cardiff University CEmma Purdy6South Central 7448
Cardiff University CMerize Van de Westhuizen7South Central 76511
Cardiff University CEvie Thursfield8South Central 7527
Cardiff University CTilly Thompson9South Central 7000
Cardiff University CAnabel Foster10South Central 7000
Cardiff University CBecky Norris11South Central 7033
Cardiff University DHamza Miznazi1South Central 78513
Cardiff University DHarry Champion2South Central 76511
Cardiff University DLloyd Dunn3South Central 7347
Cardiff University DAmnan Sevany4South Central 7246
Cardiff University DHarvey Williams5South Central 7448
Cardiff University DHarry Dean6South Central 7235
Cardiff University DVir Kapur7South Central 7415
Cardiff University DRory Daly8South Central 7000
Cardiff University DLuke Davis9South Central 7101
Cardiff University DFreddie Wright10South Central 7202
Cardiff University DMorgan McGuigan11South Central 76410
Cardiff University DBenedict Gray12South Central 7101
Cardigan AKevin Matthews1Pembrokeshire 1325
Cardigan ADuncan Cobb2Pembrokeshire 1257
Cardigan ACalum Pearson3Pembrokeshire 1336
Cardigan ALee Roberts4Pembrokeshire 1000
Cardigan ADan Conway5Pembrokeshire 1358
Cardigan BJoshua Armstrong1Pembrokeshire 2235
Cardigan BHanuman Hook2Pembrokeshire 2156
Cardigan BNathan Jeynes3Pembrokeshire 2235
Cardigan BAlex Wilcox Brooke4Pembrokeshire 2235
Cardigan BRob Wheeler5Pembrokeshire 2437
Cardigan BJack Richardson6Pembrokeshire 2101
Cardigan BRupert Pope7Pembrokeshire 2246
Cardigan BAnna Nichol8Pembrokeshire 2325
Cardigan BRichard Kinsey9Pembrokeshire 2101
Cardigan BLinda Penny10Pembrokeshire 2123
Carmarthen AAled Davies1West Central 2000
Carmarthen AAndy Gribble2West Central 27714
Carmarthen ACeredig Emanuel3West Central 2022
Carmarthen ADai Lewis4West Central 27310
Carmarthen AMartyn Paterson5West Central 2156
Carmarthen AAdam Edwards6West Central 25510
Carmarthen ARhydian Evans7West Central 2000
Carmarthen ATony Randell8West Central 2549
Carmarthen AJulian Stanton9West Central 2415
Carmarthen APerry Davies10West Central 2325
Carmarthen AKeith Madge11West Central 2257
Carmarthen AStefano Leonardi12West Central 2011
Carmarthen ADimitri Pletsas13West Central 2101
Cowbridge AJamie Ttophi1Premier 2347
Cowbridge AJoel Preece2Premier 27613
Cowbridge ADamian Burgess3Premier 27411
Cowbridge ADallas Hayvice4Premier 2437
Cowbridge AStacey Gooding5Premier 27613
Cowbridge BDavid Robertson1South Central 2101
Cowbridge BChris Davies2South Central 27512
Cowbridge BSimon Payne3South Central 27714
Cowbridge BAlex Jenkins4South Central 26612
Cowbridge BTim Elvidge5South Central 26713
Cowbridge CDan Patterson1South Central 3909
Cowbridge CJames Roberts2South Central 38917
Cowbridge CColum Sullivan3South Central 37512
Cowbridge CJon Bisson4South Central 36612
Cowbridge CNick Guard5South Central 3325
Cowbridge DRay Thomas1South Central 74610
Cowbridge DTony Kocker2South Central 7123
Cowbridge DTim Nicholls3South Central 79413
Cowbridge DNiall Sloan4South Central 7448
Cowbridge DAnna Adams5South Central 781119
Cowbridge DAlex Meredith6South Central 7145
Cowbridge DDavid Matthews7South Central 75510
Cowbridge DMike Bleay8South Central 77916
Cowbridge DSteve Melhuish9South Central 7257
Cowbridge DGiancarlo Bianchi10South Central 7224
Cowbridge DSimon Yates11South Central 7123
Cowbridge DSteven Williams12South Central 7145
David Lloyd Cardiff ADave Allman1Premier 1639
David Lloyd Cardiff ARoss Cassley2Premier 16814
David Lloyd Cardiff AMatthew Clements3Premier 16612
David Lloyd Cardiff AAdam Evans4Premier 15611
David Lloyd Cardiff ATerry Turner5Premier 1167
David Lloyd Cardiff BLouis Morrill1South Central 2202
David Lloyd Cardiff BDavid James2South Central 26713
David Lloyd Cardiff BPaul Clements3South Central 2639
David Lloyd Cardiff BPaul Anstead4South Central 2112
David Lloyd Cardiff BMatt Woart5South Central 2246
David Lloyd Cardiff CRob Cronick1South Central 5279
David Lloyd Cardiff CStephen Potter2South Central 5549
David Lloyd Cardiff CJulian Budd3South Central 5000
David Lloyd Cardiff CPaul Hart4South Central 59918
David Lloyd Cardiff CMustafa Davies5South Central 55712
David Lloyd Cardiff CMatthew Wheeler6South Central 57411
David Lloyd Cardiff CVivian Bryan7South Central 57613
David Lloyd Cardiff CKwesi Hazell8South Central 5112
David Lloyd Cardiff CSian Johnson9South Central 5123
David Lloyd Cardiff CDan Walters10South Central 5437
David Lloyd Cardiff CDaniel Evans11South Central 55712
David Lloyd Cardiff CAngelo Gooden12South Central 5101
David Lloyd Cardiff CRaj Argarwal13South Central 5549
David Lloyd Cardiff CMike Davies-Clarke14South Central 5000
David Lloyd Cardiff CKath James15South Central 5000
David Lloyd Cardiff CStephen O'Keefe16South Central 5112
David Lloyd Swansea AIoan Davis1Premier 25712
David Lloyd Swansea AArnaud Marotin2Premier 27714
David Lloyd Swansea AMillie Breach3Premier 26713
David Lloyd Swansea AJaques Els4Premier 2606
David Lloyd Swansea AStuart Watts5Premier 26511
David Lloyd Swansea BRichard Williams1West Central 1000
David Lloyd Swansea BCraig Evans2West Central 1101
David Lloyd Swansea BDavid Breach3West Central 1000
David Lloyd Swansea BChris Ashong4West Central 1202
David Lloyd Swansea BMatthew Dainton5West Central 16410
David Lloyd Swansea BKieran Daniel6West Central 1426
David Lloyd Swansea CLee Williams1West Central 1369
David Lloyd Swansea CChris Young2West Central 1448
David Lloyd Swansea CGeraint Flowers3West Central 1538
David Lloyd Swansea CJason Bennett4West Central 110717
David Lloyd Swansea CGaurav Saha5West Central 18513
David Lloyd Swansea DPaul Jones1West Central 2279
David Lloyd Swansea DMichael White2West Central 26511
David Lloyd Swansea DBob Davies3West Central 2347
David Lloyd Swansea DJames Williams4West Central 28715
David Lloyd Swansea DDaniel Bullen5West Central 2112
David Lloyd Swansea DBen Sutton6West Central 27815
David Lloyd Swansea DMatthew Thomas7West Central 27613
David Lloyd Swansea DPhil Sudale8West Central 2000
David Lloyd Swansea DBleddyn Thomas9West Central 2448
David Lloyd Swansea DNeil Rees10West Central 28917
David Lloyd Swansea DJames Walker11West Central 2134
David Lloyd Swansea DGeraint Fisher12West Central 2000
David Lloyd Swansea DRhodri Clark13West Central 2101
David Lloyd Swansea DDaniel Briggs14West Central 2000
David Lloyd Swansea DMatthew Carter15West Central 2538
David Lloyd Swansea DNigel Horswill16West Central 2000
David Lloyd Swansea DStuart Jones17West Central 2000
David Lloyd Swansea DPeter Norval18West Central 2415
David Lloyd Swansea DMichael Marshall19West Central 2000
Fishguard AShaun Waller1Pembrokeshire 1336
Fishguard AGareth Evans2Pembrokeshire 1448
Fishguard AMichael Williams3Pembrokeshire 1437
Fishguard AJulian Griffiths4Pembrokeshire 1336
Fishguard ARob Potts5Pembrokeshire 1336
Fishguard BChris van Kempen1Pembrokeshire 2549
Fishguard BJohn Bennington2Pembrokeshire 2336
Fishguard BDai Owen3Pembrokeshire 2336
Fishguard BAngus Clemence4Pembrokeshire 2224
Fishguard BMike Williamson5Pembrokeshire 2000
Fishguard BGwynant Watson6Pembrokeshire 2347
Fishguard BAndrew Clemence7Pembrokeshire 2011
Fishguard BEileen Rondeau8Pembrokeshire 2224
Hirwaun ALouis Stephens1South Central 1628
Hirwaun AOwen Heyes2South Central 16410
Hirwaun ARyan Davis3South Central 15712
Hirwaun ADale Evans4South Central 1415
Hirwaun ALee Thomas5South Central 15611
Hirwaun BAlyx Kelleher1South Central 311516
Hirwaun BMorgan Jones2South Central 37613
Hirwaun BHoward John3South Central 36612
Hirwaun BJohn Stephens4South Central 3246
Hirwaun BHuw Davis5South Central 35611
Hirwaun CCraig Bluck1South Central 4101
Hirwaun CBob Gould2South Central 4033
Hirwaun CPhil Eason3South Central 46511
Hirwaun CGareth Heyes4South Central 46915
Hirwaun CDean Phillips5South Central 46511
Hirwaun DJonathan Bowen1South Central 66612
Hirwaun DDarren Davies2South Central 66612
Hirwaun DChris Kelleher3South Central 66713
Hirwaun DPaul Rowlands4South Central 66511
Hirwaun DJason Cates5South Central 66713
Hirwaun DPaul Shopland6South Central 6000
Hirwaun DAndrew Sparkes7South Central 6011
Hirwaun DRichard Jones8South Central 68917
Hirwaun DDylan Thomas9South Central 6549
Hirwaun DKieran Parry10South Central 67714
Hirwaun DJack Lake11South Central 66612
Hirwaun DGreg Williams12South Central 6000
Hirwaun DPhil Thomas13South Central 6325
Hirwaun DRoss Stephens14South Central 6011
Hirwaun DMatthew Rosser15South Central 6033
Hirwaun DDave Grant16South Central 6044
Hirwaun DDorian Prowle17South Central 6314
Hirwaun DRichard C Bennett18South Central 6000
Hirwaun DMaxen Thomas19South Central 6000
Hirwaun DPaul Edwards20South Central 6000
Hirwaun DMark Stacey21South Central 6000
Hirwaun DJonathon Garner22South Central 6224
Holywell 1Mike Dykins1NE Wales 1123
Holywell 1Alex Day2NE Wales 1549
Holywell 1Rik Popplewell3NE Wales 1213
Holywell 1Roy Crompton4NE Wales 1134
Holywell 1Jason Shill5NE Wales 1437
Holywell 1Michael Plumb6NE Wales 1235
Holywell 1Tim Sinton7NE Wales 1404
Holywell 1Chris Bunnell8NE Wales 15611
Holywell 1Dai Williams9NE Wales 1044
Holywell 1Paul Day10NE Wales 1314
Holywell 1Stuart Askey11NE Wales 1336
Llandaff ASarah Clode1South Central 16612
Llandaff AEirian Crabbe2South Central 16713
Llandaff AScott Clode3South Central 14610
Llandaff AOwain Davies4South Central 17512
Llandaff AMel Davies5South Central 1235
Llandaff APaul Soulsby6South Central 15510
Llandaff AGethin Mills7South Central 1426
Llandaff ATony Baird8South Central 1011
Llandaff AJulie Clode9South Central 1101
Llandaff AClaudia Crabbe10South Central 1000
Llandeilo ANia Davies1Premier 2527
Llandeilo AFern Church2Premier 26612
Llandeilo AMark Moon3Premier 27714
Llandeilo AAndrew Williams4Premier 2617
Llandeilo APhillip Thomas5Premier 27714
Llandeilo AGrant Jones6Premier 2358
Llandeilo BOliver Guilford1West Central 13811
Llandeilo BDarren Hill2West Central 14812
Llandeilo BRob Monaghan3West Central 16713
Llandeilo BJake Guerin4West Central 1325
Llandeilo BRobert Owen5West Central 1112
Llandeilo BMark Toller6West Central 15510
Llandeilo BRobin Livermore7West Central 1549
Llandeilo BHuw Greening8West Central 1011
Llandeilo BChris Rogers9West Central 1213
Llandeilo BSion Wilcox10West Central 1033
Llandeilo BMarcus Noakes11West Central 1101
Llanelli ALiam Eason1Premier 17310
Llanelli ASrikar Mummidi2Premier 15712
Llanelli AAndrew Neal3Premier 14711
Llanelli ASteven Colarusso4Premier 17714
Llanelli ADavid Spinks5Premier 15712
Llanelli BSam Weeds1Premier 25712
Llanelli BAled Davies2Premier 28614
Llanelli BAdam Coates3Premier 27613
Llanelli BMark Davies4Premier 27613
Llanelli BDafydd Parkman5Premier 28715
Llanelli CGareth RJ Thomas1West Central 1448
Llanelli CRhys Westcott2West Central 17714
Llanelli CNia Seren Thomas3West Central 1549
Llanelli CMark Jones4West Central 14711
Llanelli CAlex Parkin5West Central 17512
Llanelli DJosh Weeds1West Central 2303
Llanelli DLee Davies2West Central 28917
Llanelli DChris James3West Central 2303
Llanelli DElgan Morgan4West Central 2044
Llanelli DRhydian Morgan5West Central 28614
Llanelli EMark Westcott1West Central 28715
Llanelli ESimon Griffiths2West Central 28715
Llanelli EPeter Davies3West Central 2000
Llanelli ERajmund Kaluza4West Central 27916
Llanelli ESianco Morgan5West Central 2437
Llanelli ESteve Lott6West Central 26814
Llanelli EPaul Dunne7West Central 2202
Llanelli EDafydd Gould8West Central 2235
Llanelli ESimon Williams9West Central 25611
Llanelli EHeather Charles10West Central 2000
Llanelli ECarwyn Phillips11West Central 2213
Llanelli ECraig Owen12West Central 2459
Llanelli EPhillip G Thomas13West Central 2000
Llanelli EHowell Morgan14West Central 2000
Llanelli EDafydd Charles15West Central 2000
Llanelli EMax Williams16West Central 2268
Llanelli EJohn Lewis17West Central 2202
Llanelli EMatthew D Thomas18West Central 2347
Llanelli Leisure AJames Reed1West Central 27714
Llanelli Leisure AMichael Taylor2West Central 27613
Llanelli Leisure AKerry Gravelle3West Central 2336
Llanelli Leisure ADave Malpas4West Central 2011
Llanelli Leisure ACraig Sterling5West Central 2527
Llanelli Leisure BRob Dodd1West Central 2639
Llanelli Leisure BMarc Wilkins2West Central 26713
Llanelli Leisure BHuw Dakin3West Central 26713
Llanelli Leisure BLuke Studley4West Central 27916
Llanelli Leisure BRichard Jones5West Central 2022
Llanelli Leisure BRhodri Hughes6West Central 2448
Llanelli Leisure BRoger Gammon7West Central 2538
Llanelli Leisure BAndrew Banfield8West Central 24610
Llanelli Leisure BClive Perman9West Central 2527
Llanelli Leisure BNoah Allnatt10West Central 25611
Llanishen AOwain Bass1Premier 25712
Llanishen AScott Couzens2Premier 2639
Llanishen AJames King3Premier 26713
Llanishen ATom Bird4Premier 25611
Llanishen AJon Rifflart5Premier 26511
Llanishen AJoel Baldwin6Premier 24610
Llanishen BJoe Pandeli1South Central 2538
Llanishen BSimon Dews2South Central 2437
Llanishen BStuart D'Ivry3South Central 26612
Llanishen BLloyd Green4South Central 2044
Llanishen BBevan Duff5South Central 2268
Llanishen BNick Quinn6South Central 26612
Llanishen BStephen J Thomas7South Central 2011
Llanishen BOwen Walters8South Central 2426
Llanishen CJack Scott1South Central 4325
Llanishen CKyle Thompson2South Central 4325
Llanishen CAndrew Vittle3South Central 46612
Llanishen CAdam Wardell4South Central 4549
Llanishen CGavin Rogers5South Central 4369
Llanishen CMatt Perry6South Central 46814
Llanishen CAdrian Webber7South Central 4101
Llanishen DChi Yau1South Central 571118
Llanishen DPhillip Maybury2South Central 55611
Llanishen DDewi Rose3South Central 5303
Llanishen DJames Walby4South Central 5145
Llanishen DJames Jackson5South Central 57714
Llanishen DDarren Morris6South Central 57916
Llanishen DPhil Cuddihy7South Central 56612
Llanishen ETom McDonough1South Central 6336
Llanishen EEd Mather2South Central 66814
Llanishen ECraig Hill3South Central 6000
Llanishen EIan D'Ivry4South Central 65510
Llanishen EKesar Rafiq5South Central 65712
Llanishen EDan Cain6South Central 6213
Llanishen EJames Barnes7South Central 6235
Llanishen EAlec Howard8South Central 6448
Llanishen EJames Bishop9South Central 6101
Llanishen EBernadette Lewis10South Central 6134
Llanishen EGareth Rees11South Central 6101
Llanishen EJon Morris12South Central 66612
Llanishen EZoe Powell13South Central 6202
Llanrwst 1Jordan Davies1Eryri 1000
Llanrwst 1Mark Carnall2Eryri 1437
Llanrwst 1Sam Griffith3Eryri 1549
Llanrwst 1Iwan Griffiths4Eryri 15510
Llanrwst 1Matt Lee5Eryri 1145
Llanrwst 2Bryan Gardner1Eryri 27613
Llanrwst 2Dylan Griffiths2Eryri 27714
Llanrwst 2Carwyn McFadden3Eryri 2000
Llanrwst 2Lee Jones4Eryri 2549
Llanrwst 2Alex Williams5Eryri 24610
Llanrwst 2Joe Ryland6Eryri 2314
Llanrwst 2Jacob Ryan7Eryri 25510
Llanrwst 2Lewis Davies8Eryri 2325
Llantrisant AJoe Eason1Premier 2268
Llantrisant AJason Jones2Premier 2505
Llantrisant AJack Elvis3Premier 26612
Llantrisant AAdrian Brace4Premier 26713
Llantrisant AGary Fry5Premier 26713
Llantrisant BTom Penberthy1South Central 1369
Llantrisant BMike Watkins2South Central 17714
Llantrisant BBen Howcroft3South Central 16713
Llantrisant BKevin Taylor4South Central 17411
Llantrisant BPaul Aubrey5South Central 15510
Llantrisant CRich Timms1South Central 37916
Llantrisant CSam Norris2South Central 371017
Llantrisant CRob Mitchell3South Central 35712
Llantrisant CNick Wilkes4South Central 37714
Llantrisant CJosh Llewellyn5South Central 35510
Llantrisant DMadalena Sidoli1South Central 610818
Llantrisant DMark Morgan2South Central 66511
Llantrisant DDan Griffiths3South Central 6639
Llantrisant DAngharad Llewellyn4South Central 68513
Llantrisant DHuw Davies5South Central 66511
Llantrisant ESteven Thomas1South Central 6202
Llantrisant ERyan Vaughan2South Central 65611
Llantrisant EFrancis Smith3South Central 62810
Llantrisant ECarl Whiteley4South Central 6639
Llantrisant ENaomi Jones5South Central 66713
Llantrisant ESteve Evans6South Central 64610
Llantrisant EMike Watts7South Central 6538
Llantrisant EErica Howcroft8South Central 6617
Llantrisant ELuke Bates9South Central 6549
Llantrisant ERhys Jenkins10South Central 62810
Maesteg ALee Wakefield1South Central 2224
Maesteg AMichael Moseley2South Central 26713
Maesteg ANeil Hughes3South Central 25510
Maesteg ARhys Davies4South Central 26814
Maesteg ALee Sainsbury5South Central 2639
Maesteg BPaul Morgan1South Central 5426
Maesteg BJames Jones2South Central 58816
Maesteg BMegan Beynon3South Central 5314
Maesteg BRob Evans4South Central 5505
Maesteg BLeighton Beynon5South Central 5347
Maesteg BThomas Fenlon6South Central 55813
Maesteg BMorgan Evans7South Central 5101
Maesteg BRyan Morgan8South Central 5156
Maesteg BRicky Neagle9South Central 5369
Maesteg BAnwen Davis10South Central 5235
Maesteg BDaniel Morgan11South Central 54711
Maesteg BRichard Fenlon12South Central 5011
Maesteg BBronwen Davis13South Central 5123
Meads LC AJames Walters1West Central 1257
Meads LC AShaun Waller2West Central 15712
Meads LC AKevin Matthews3West Central 1325
Meads LC AMartin Rudd4West Central 15611
Meads LC AGareth Warlow5West Central 1527
Meads LC AMike Carew6West Central 1044
Meads LC AJulian Griffiths7West Central 1549
Meads LC ADave Smith8West Central 1325
Meads LC AMike Williams9West Central 1279
Meads LC AChris Barker10West Central 1011
Merthyr ALewis Poole1Premier 17714
Merthyr AEvan Davies-Clarke2Premier 16612
Merthyr AAran Edwards3Premier 16612
Merthyr AArchie Davies - Clarke4Premier 15712
Merthyr AAnthony Roberts5Premier 17714
Merthyr BCraig Pike1South Central 36814
Merthyr BMike Berry2South Central 36612
Merthyr BSam Hampson3South Central 35813
Merthyr BLaurence Darcy4South Central 36713
Merthyr BPeter Davies5South Central 3000
Merthyr CRicky Bridges1South Central 46713
Merthyr CMark Palmer2South Central 48816
Merthyr CIestyn Prince3South Central 45914
Merthyr CDavid Cope4South Central 42810
Merthyr CDavid Burville5South Central 4538
Merthyr DChris A Davies1South Central 5347
Merthyr DTim McQue2South Central 5033
Merthyr DKieron Pike3South Central 5044
Merthyr DShaun Phillips4South Central 54610
Merthyr DAshley Davies5South Central 5000
Merthyr DJames Williams6South Central 5404
Merthyr DMike McCarthy7South Central 5000
Merthyr DJon Phillips8South Central 5437
Merthyr DEsther Steele9South Central 5358
Merthyr DGavin Griffiths10South Central 5101
Merthyr DMatthew Lewis11South Central 56612
Merthyr DMichael Cope12South Central 5426
Merthyr DAdam Lewis13South Central 5224
Merthyr DAndrew Thomas14South Central 5000
Merthyr DRhys Davies15South Central 57714
Merthyr DPhillip James16South Central 5224
Merthyr DRichard Evans17South Central 5426
Merthyr DTudor Bostan18South Central 5000
Merthyr DJamie Evans19South Central 5022
Merthyr ECraig Poole1South Central 7358
Merthyr EDaniel Richards2South Central 76713
Merthyr EGethin Poole3South Central 76915
Merthyr EKian Lewis4South Central 76814
Merthyr EJack Baldwin5South Central 7235
Merthyr ELenny Lewis6South Central 75611
Merthyr EKayden Roberts7South Central 7358
Merthyr EJoseph Smyth8South Central 7101
Merthyr FJill Griffiths1South Central 76410
Merthyr FTracey Gibbs2South Central 77714
Merthyr FRuth Smyth3South Central 7347
Merthyr FFelicity Smyth4South Central 7325
Merthyr FMalgorzata Stoncel5South Central 7347
Merthyr FRachel Howells6South Central 7336
Merthyr FCariad Sealey7South Central 7336
Merthyr FJennifer Evans8South Central 7336
Merthyr FAnna Smyth9South Central 7134
Merthyr FAlison O'Leary10South Central 7314
MidtownShayne Byron1NE Wales 1202
MidtownGareth Roberts2NE Wales 1459
MidtownStuart Thomas3NE Wales 15611
MidtownPete Townsend4NE Wales 1369
MidtownGraham Peers5NE Wales 1257
MidtownRoman Mikolajewicz6NE Wales 1000
MidtownStephen Jones7NE Wales 1134
MidtownPhil McCarthy8NE Wales 1336
MidtownRichard Mann9NE Wales 15712
Mold 1Daniel Font1NE Wales 15611
Mold 1Andy Scutter2NE Wales 16511
Mold 1Jordan Lomas3NE Wales 15611
Mold 1Alun Wilson4NE Wales 16612
Mold 1Alex Graham5NE Wales 1202
Mold 1Coran Williams6NE Wales 16612
Mold 1Joe Travers7NE Wales 1000
Mold 1Ben Travers8NE Wales 1011
Monmouth AStefan Marks1East Central 16814
Monmouth APhil Croager2East Central 1358
Monmouth ATom Lyons3East Central 16612
Monmouth ACharles Lawson4East Central 15611
Monmouth ACedric Hazell5East Central 16713
Monmouth BClare Catto1East Central 26511
Monmouth BAvtar Singh Saran2East Central 281018
Monmouth BJim Barker3East Central 2448
Monmouth BRyan Jeffs4East Central 23811
Monmouth BMartin Van5East Central 2639
Monmouth BAnthony Rabbitt6East Central 27815
Monmouth CStewart Allan1East Central 27310
Monmouth CDoug Roberts2East Central 26511
Monmouth CHaydn Holder3East Central 27512
Monmouth CGeoff Lea4East Central 28614
Monmouth CSteve Howell5East Central 2459
Monmouth DWill McGuinness1East Central 2617
Monmouth DBob Jones2East Central 26915
Monmouth DAndy Robinson3East Central 251015
Monmouth DDoug Yates4East Central 25914
Monmouth DAlan Whitaker5East Central 2347
Monmouth DJames Bishop6East Central 2437
Monmouth DDavid Kirk7East Central 2156
Monmouth DWill Green8East Central 2268
Monmouth DAshley Bill9East Central 2022
Monmouth DChristian Moeller-Olsen10East Central 2448
Monmouth DRhiannon Marks11East Central 2123
NALGO Vets 1James Smith1Eryri 1426
NALGO Vets 1Helen Barnard2Eryri 1459
NALGO Vets 1David Barnard3Eryri 1022
NALGO Vets 1John Waller4Eryri 1000
NALGO Vets 1Tomos Griffiths5Eryri 1505
NALGO Vets 1Leigh Ryder6Eryri 1033
NALGO Vets 2Phil Bayman1Eryri 2303
NALGO Vets 2Stuart Benson2Eryri 2448
NALGO Vets 2Gareth Griffiths3Eryri 2549
NALGO Vets 2Tegid Williams4Eryri 2033
NALGO Vets 2Alexandro Damico5Eryri 2437
NALGO Vets 2Dyfrig Jones6Eryri 2538
NALGO Vets 2Tom Fisher7Eryri 2303
NALGO Vets 2Jack Hipkiss-Hughes8Eryri 2369
NALGO Vets 2Alex Lovell- Smith9Eryri 2000
NALGO Vets 2Rachel Lilley10Eryri 2213
Narberth AJeremy Stopford1Pembrokeshire 1235
Narberth AJohn Mammat2Pembrokeshire 1325
Narberth AAndrew Phillips3Pembrokeshire 1000
Narberth ASean Page4Pembrokeshire 1437
Narberth ADave Smith5Pembrokeshire 1448
Narberth BRhydian Evans1Pembrokeshire 2101
Narberth BJulian Stanton2Pembrokeshire 26511
Narberth BPerry Davies3Pembrokeshire 2257
Narberth BSteve Haysom4Pembrokeshire 2257
Narberth BPaul Morris5Pembrokeshire 2101
Narberth CKevin James1Pembrokeshire 2134
Narberth CMartyn Davies2Pembrokeshire 2448
Narberth CJason Rees3Pembrokeshire 2257
Narberth CChris Osborne4Pembrokeshire 2167
Narberth CKieran Barclay5Pembrokeshire 2000
Narberth CTom Wells6Pembrokeshire 2347
Narberth CIan Moore7Pembrokeshire 2123
Narberth CRichard Bell8Pembrokeshire 2134
Narberth CGraeme Flynn9Pembrokeshire 2246
Newport AGreg Tippings1Premier 2415
Newport AChris Lovett2Premier 26713
Newport ARhys Luffman3Premier 27613
Newport AEvan Hodge4Premier 26713
Newport AJennifer Haley5Premier 26713
Newport ARian Pitt6Premier 2549
Newport BAndy Thirsk1East Central 17613
Newport BAndrew Brace2East Central 17714
Newport BMark Huxtable3East Central 15510
Newport BGareth Cox4East Central 1000
Newport BBen French5East Central 17714
Newport BRichard Drinkwater6East Central 17714
Newport CWill Crowe1East Central 17411
Newport CIan Hall2East Central 17815
Newport CBen Lee-Smith3East Central 1538
Newport CGary Evans4East Central 1000
Newport CLewis Fraser5East Central 17613
Newport CSebastian Roth6East Central 1246
Newport CEve Griffiths7East Central 14711
Newport DBrandon Burnett1East Central 181018
Newport DMark Blenken2East Central 15510
Newport DNathan Griffiths3East Central 18614
Newport DMike Clifton-Thompson4East Central 16511
Newport DMat Britton5East Central 1437
Newport DLewis Babbage6East Central 1448
Newport DJonathan Taylor7East Central 1448
Newport EAlex Turner1East Central 28816
Newport ECourtney Edmunds2East Central 26410
Newport EEvie Salisbury3East Central 24610
Newport ELewis Stacey4East Central 2358
Newport EIestyn Viggers5East Central 2459
Newport EJack Drinkwater6East Central 2235
Newport EElsie Griffiths7East Central 2202
Newport EAlfie Turner8East Central 2347
Old Penarthians AAlexis Cole1South Central 1246
Old Penarthians ASimon Kilshaw2South Central 1448
Old Penarthians AJoe Rhys-Curtis3South Central 1279
Old Penarthians AChris Greenaway4South Central 16410
Old Penarthians AChris Owens5South Central 16612
Old Penarthians AAlex Hillman6South Central 1000
Old Penarthians APaul Duffy7South Central 1527
Old Penarthians ADave Pearn8South Central 1224
Old Penarthians ACarlton Chivers9South Central 1303
Old Penarthians ARichard Declaire10South Central 1347
Old Penarthians ARichard Hine11South Central 1213
Old Penarthians CLiam Corrigan1South Central 4358
Old Penarthians CJohn Spence2South Central 42911
Old Penarthians CLucas Hopkins3South Central 4358
Old Penarthians CTom Yuen4South Central 47512
Old Penarthians CCraig Withycombe5South Central 43811
Old Penarthians CJohn Armstrong6South Central 4448
Old Penarthians CSimon McCarthy7South Central 4145
Old Penarthians CRoger Bleay8South Central 4358
Old Penarthians CMark Williams9South Central 4213
Old Penarthians CPaul Ogden10South Central 4000
Pembroke BushMartin Rudd1Pembrokeshire 1336
Pembroke BushRoss Edwards2Pembrokeshire 1235
Pembroke BushKim Davies3Pembrokeshire 1033
Pembroke BushGareth Warlow4Pembrokeshire 1415
Pembroke BushPeter Davies5Pembrokeshire 1448
Pembroke BushAshley Thompson6Pembrokeshire 1246
Pembroke BushChris Barker7Pembrokeshire 1303
Pembroke BushMartin Munro8Pembrokeshire 1000
Pembroke BushNick Joseph9Pembrokeshire 1224
Pembroke BushDudley Joseph10Pembrokeshire 1000
PenybontGreg Price1East Central 16713
PenybontMick Jones2East Central 16814
PenybontJohn Uppington3East Central 1077
PenybontHuw Holder4East Central 16814
PenybontLee Wakefield5East Central 1235
PenybontJohn Vowles6East Central 1437
PenybontLee Williams7East Central 1448
PontardaweElliot Jones1West Central 26713
PontardaweKeith Jones2West Central 27714
PontardaweJames Lillico3West Central 2448
PontardaweLen Amos4West Central 2257
PontardaweBryn Mantle5West Central 2639
PontardaweTerry John6West Central 2279
PontardaweRay Davies7West Central 2404
PontardaweMike Blyth8West Central 2101
PontardawePaul Ogborne9West Central 2325
Porthcawl ALewys Audsley1South Central 27512
Porthcawl AHarri Pugh2South Central 2202
Porthcawl ASimon Lau3South Central 26511
Porthcawl ADarren Nicholas Thomas4South Central 27613
Porthcawl AHywel Price5South Central 27411
Porthcawl BNick Evans1South Central 6000
Porthcawl BMike Audsley2South Central 69918
Porthcawl BKevin Cullinan3South Central 6000
Porthcawl BChris Martin4South Central 65712
Porthcawl BStephen Pugh5South Central 6000
Porthcawl BIan Kavanagh6South Central 661117
Porthcawl BDarren Sparks7South Central 66612
Porthcawl BAnni Martin8South Central 6011
Porthmadog AChris Davies1Eryri 1000
Porthmadog ABen Lauder2Eryri 15510
Porthmadog ARyan French3Eryri 1549
Porthmadog ADave Jones4Eryri 15510
Porthmadog AHedd Roberts5Eryri 1325
Porthmadog BCarla Lauder1Eryri 2549
Porthmadog BPaul Thompson2Eryri 25510
Porthmadog BBarry Moses3Eryri 2347
Porthmadog BErin Lauder4Eryri 27714
Porthmadog BRhys Goodhead5Eryri 2112
Porthmadog BLeon lauder6Eryri 2549
Porthmadog BDyfan Griffiths7Eryri 2347
Porthmadog BSimon Ward8Eryri 2145
Rhiwbina ADavid Haley1Premier 16814
Rhiwbina APeter Berkley2Premier 15611
Rhiwbina AOliver Jones3Premier 1213
Rhiwbina AEllie Breach4Premier 15813
Rhiwbina AAlex Rowlands5Premier 15510
Rhiwbina AFrazer Richards6Premier 13710
Rhiwbina ARichard Murphy7Premier 1426
Rhiwbina BJames Powell1Premier 2639
Rhiwbina BGareth Pitt2Premier 2538
Rhiwbina BWill Bradshaw3Premier 26612
Rhiwbina BScott Wright4Premier 2549
Rhiwbina BPaul Atkinson5Premier 26612
Rhiwbina BAlex Powles6Premier 2134
Rhiwbina BRichard Imm7Premier 2112
Rhiwbina BIan Fenner-Evans8Premier 2033
Rhiwbina BTom Murphy9Premier 2336
Rhiwbina CDeclan Cottrell1South Central 27714
Rhiwbina CLuc Elsby2South Central 2639
Rhiwbina CChris Powell3South Central 26612
Rhiwbina CAndrew Cowgill4South Central 25611
Rhiwbina CAbby Hicks5South Central 27613
Rhiwbina CConnor Hall6South Central 2101
Rhiwbina CCarl Elsby7South Central 2145
Rhiwbina DTony Smith1South Central 3426
Rhiwbina DPaul Vermaak2South Central 36814
Rhiwbina DMark Davies3South Central 3358
Rhiwbina DTim Dulson4South Central 3459
Rhiwbina DAndy Jones5South Central 3000
Rhiwbina EReuben Davis1South Central 34610
Rhiwbina EAnthony Williams2South Central 37512
Rhiwbina EHarri Jones3South Central 3101
Rhiwbina ERebecca Baker4South Central 36713
Rhiwbina EDean Robinson5South Central 37512
Rhiwbina FTai Griffiths1South Central 45712
Rhiwbina FKingsley Rees2South Central 4145
Rhiwbina FAdam Davies3South Central 44913
Rhiwbina FPaul Anthony Hounsell4South Central 4404
Rhiwbina FSam Everall5South Central 45611
Rhiwbina FAdam Howard6South Central 4000
Rhiwbina FSarah Creed7South Central 4235
Rhiwbina FJosh Graham8South Central 4336
Rhiwbina FHuw Moores9South Central 4426
Rhiwbina FJonathan Bould10South Central 4000
Rhiwbina FDai Selway11South Central 4358
Rhiwbina FChris Baker12South Central 46612
Rhiwbina FSteen Anderson13South Central 4235
Rhiwbina FGareth Harris14South Central 4268
Rhiwbina GTom Berrow1South Central 5257
Rhiwbina GFrankie Pill2South Central 56915
Rhiwbina GMikey Sarkissian3South Central 5145
Rhiwbina GZak Thomas4South Central 5123
Rhiwbina GAelig Robin5South Central 55510
Rhiwbina GDave Dean6South Central 5224
Rhiwbina GRichard Manners7South Central 5011
Rhiwbina GNick Treharne8South Central 5000
Rhiwbina GMorgan Hanks9South Central 5101
Rhiwbina GIwan Steele10South Central 56915
Rhiwbina GAdam Grey11South Central 5437
Rhiwbina GMartin Vicary12South Central 5224
Rhiwbina GDavid Green13South Central 56511
Rhiwbina HJack Baber1South Central 64711
Rhiwbina HAndy Gregg2South Central 6426
Rhiwbina HJacob Green3South Central 6246
Rhiwbina HKris Wojciechowski4South Central 6279
Rhiwbina HZach Minto5South Central 6415
Rhiwbina HChris Pill6South Central 6257
Rhiwbina HGary Selway7South Central 6000
Rhiwbina HAndrew McEwan8South Central 6314
Rhiwbina HBen Hughes9South Central 65712
Rhiwbina HRichard Maggs10South Central 6246
Rhiwbina HStephen Rowlands11South Central 63710
Rhiwbina HJames Evans12South Central 6112
Rhiwbina HPeter Kerry13South Central 6314
Rhiwbina HElizabeth Selway14South Central 6123
Rhiwbina HThomas Selway15South Central 6246
Rhiwbina HJacob Baker16South Central 6011
Risca ALloyd Green1East Central 17512
Risca AMatt Woart2East Central 17714
Risca AStephen J Thomas3East Central 1246
Risca AOwen Walters4East Central 1426
Risca ADavid Kendrick5East Central 1000
Risca ASean Webb6East Central 1505
Risca BKyle Thompson1East Central 26915
Risca BAndrew Vittle2East Central 271219
Risca BRobert Gould3East Central 26814
Risca BColin Peckham4East Central 271017
Risca BGraeme Smith5East Central 25712
Risca BRichard Kelly6East Central 2101
Risca CThomas Berrow1East Central 27411
Risca CRhys George2East Central 210111
Risca CMatt Perry3East Central 2145
Risca CAdrian Webber4East Central 2101
Risca CDewi Rose5East Central 28311
Risca CSteve Cambray6East Central 28917
Risca CRonan Williams7East Central 2369
Risca CCraig Hill8East Central 2000
Risca CJack Critchley9East Central 2246
Risca CPaul Taylor10East Central 2325
Risca CRhys Hicks11East Central 2000
Risca CNeil Purnell12East Central 2033
Risca CRhys Thomas13East Central 2077
Seasiders at Old PensLloyd Fisher1South Central 44711
Seasiders at Old PensAlan Chamberlain2South Central 44913
Seasiders at Old PensBrian Evans3South Central 4268
Seasiders at Old PensPat Westlake4South Central 44913
Seasiders at Old PensGemma Williams5South Central 4145
Seasiders at Old PensMatthew Day6South Central 4369
Seasiders at Old PensPaddy Tyler7South Central 4448
Seasiders at Old PensVance Mialkowski8South Central 4000
St Mellons ARicky Davies1South Central 15611
St Mellons ADavid Evans2South Central 15611
St Mellons AKyle Price3South Central 1101
St Mellons AAdam Darlow4South Central 16612
St Mellons AAndrew Rees5South Central 17714
St Mellons BMark Ackerman1South Central 4268
St Mellons BJohn Blackmore2South Central 471118
St Mellons BAadil Hussain3South Central 47916
St Mellons BPaul Sullivan4South Central 4145
St Mellons BKevin Miller5South Central 47411
St Mellons BJason Jones Rogers6South Central 47815
St Mellons BLawrence Barry7South Central 4235
St Mellons BDean Longden8South Central 4224
St Mellons CJoseph Gough1South Central 75813
St Mellons CScott Finney2South Central 7448
St Mellons CLuke Mussa3South Central 75611
St Mellons CMark Lane4South Central 76410
St Mellons CMark Beadle5South Central 7448
St Mellons CPaul Hinchey6South Central 7235
St Mellons CHelen James7South Central 74610
St Mellons CPhil Retter8South Central 7000
St Mellons CLuke Eckett9South Central 7156
St Mellons CLouise O'Leary10South Central 7202
Swansea ADaniel Anderson1Premier 1639
Swansea ADominik Moorhead2Premier 1202
Swansea AArchie Chatwin3Premier 17411
Swansea ATom Rosser4Premier 17613
Swansea ADan Webb5Premier 14610
Swansea BNick Rees1West Central 1112
Swansea BPhil Regan2West Central 1000
Swansea BCameron White3West Central 17714
Swansea BBrett Maclennan4West Central 1224
Swansea BLewis Clement5West Central 16713
Swansea BHugh Griffiths6West Central 1022
Swansea BLuka Middleton7West Central 1527
Swansea CBen Martin1West Central 16410
Swansea CJustin Nemeth2West Central 18614
Swansea CKeith Warriss3West Central 16814
Swansea CIan Howarth4West Central 15611
Swansea CTerry Brown5West Central 16410
Swansea DNigel Miller1West Central 16511
Swansea DSteve Sullivan2West Central 1000
Swansea DGemma Davies3West Central 1112
Swansea DRichard Hall4West Central 16511
Swansea DHarry Farrar5West Central 1415
Swansea DPhil Monaghan6West Central 17613
Swansea DIan Miller7West Central 16915
Swansea ELucinda Cross1West Central 2437
Swansea EIwan Hughes2West Central 2279
Swansea EDavid Allnatt3West Central 26713
Swansea ECharles Passman4West Central 2268
Swansea EJames Aggett5West Central 25712
Swansea EIan Topping6West Central 2347
Swansea EJames Bourne7West Central 2819
Swansea EMartyn Wadling8West Central 25712
Swansea ESimon Jones9West Central 2112
Swansea EGregory Mwanza10West Central 2527
Swansea ELewis Potter11West Central 2257
Swansea EJamie Lam12West Central 2336
Swansea EDerek Evans13West Central 2000
Swansea ETesni Metcalfe14West Central 2112
Swansea EJames Foley15West Central 2235
Swansea EAdam Plimmer16West Central 2101
Swansea EAdonis El Salloukh17West Central 2246
Swansea EOllie Giles18West Central 2000
Swansea EAlfie Dancer19West Central 2112
Swansea EJay Cole20West Central 2000
Swansea EFelicity Barbur21West Central 2022
Teifi AOliver Guilford1Pembrokeshire 1358
Teifi ARob Monaghan2Pembrokeshire 1134
Teifi AJake Guerin3Pembrokeshire 1000
Teifi ATerry Jones4Pembrokeshire 1358
Teifi AGeraint Hodges5Pembrokeshire 1358
Teifi ARobin Livermore6Pembrokeshire 1112
Teifi ABob Crosskey7Pembrokeshire 1257
Teifi ASimon Owen8Pembrokeshire 1000
Teifi AAnnette Davies9Pembrokeshire 1011
The ValeGareth Arthur1South Central 17714
The ValeBleddyn Davies2South Central 16612
The ValeJames Brooke3South Central 1000
The ValeDaniel Higgs4South Central 1145
The ValeRyan Tyler5South Central 17613
The ValeRobin Shelley6South Central 1022
The ValeGemma Davies7South Central 15712
The ValeMike Workman8South Central 1101
The ValePaul Thomas9South Central 1325
Torfaen ACurtis Chapman1East Central 27714
Torfaen AJack Scott2East Central 27512
Torfaen AGavin Rogers3East Central 27613
Torfaen AChad Williams4East Central 2011
Torfaen AAdam Wardell5East Central 27613
Torfaen AJustin Rosser6East Central 2549
Torfaen AChris Carver7East Central 2000
Torfaen AGavin Anstee-Dance8East Central 2213
Torfaen AKeith Tudball9East Central 2033
Torfaen AAlexander Rees10East Central 2000
Torfaen ADaniel Prosser11East Central 2000
UHW AMarco Perna1South Central 36814
UHW ARhys Jefferies2South Central 34812
UHW ASimon Bleasdale3South Central 36612
UHW AAlexei Zhurov4South Central 35712
UHW ADarren Cottrell5South Central 35611
UHW BJonathan Brake1South Central 6336
UHW BKeith Sexton2South Central 67714
UHW BRichard Lewis3South Central 67714
UHW BRob Bleasdale4South Central 6729
UHW BKyle Henry5South Central 6347
UHW BHugh Bird6South Central 66511
UHW BTom Joslin-Tan7South Central 6246
UHW BRichard Gurney8South Central 6437
UHW BPete Bartlett9South Central 6022
UHW BMatt Bird10South Central 6033
Wrexham Brymbo 1Hannah Davies1NE Wales 1123
Wrexham Brymbo 1Carl Lace2NE Wales 15510
Wrexham Brymbo 1Mark Davies3NE Wales 1011
Wrexham Brymbo 1Sonny Kay4NE Wales 1000
Wrexham Brymbo 1Alisdair Blundell5NE Wales 16612
Wrexham Brymbo 1Lewis Davies6NE Wales 1459
Wrexham Brymbo 1Ethan Willis7NE Wales 1123
Wrexham Brymbo 1Kevin Lloyd8NE Wales 1000
Wrexham Brymbo 1Dhenes Stafford9NE Wales 1415
Wrexham Brymbo 1Tom Trueman10NE Wales 1022
Wrexham Brymbo 1Andy Morris11NE Wales 1549
Wrexham Brymbo 1Tom Willis12NE Wales 1123
Wrexham Brymbo 1Ian Wade13NE Wales 1303
Ynys Mon 1Paul Barrell1Eryri 15510
Ynys Mon 1Stephen Bird2Eryri 1549
Ynys Mon 1Shaun Sullivan3Eryri 1369
Ynys Mon 1Trevor Sturrock4Eryri 16612
Ynys Mon 1Anton Williams5Eryri 1033
Ynys Mon 2Phil Finn1Eryri 25510
Ynys Mon 2Bryan Ibbotson2Eryri 2213
Ynys Mon 2David Andrew Jones3Eryri 25510
Ynys Mon 2Graham Parfoot4Eryri 2448
Ynys Mon 2Duncan Jones5Eryri 2415
Ynys Mon 3Bryn Jones1Eryri 2202
Ynys Mon 3Craig Newry2Eryri 2415
Ynys Mon 3Tudor Roberts3Eryri 2224
Ynys Mon 3Neil Wigley4Eryri 2617
Ynys Mon 3James Mann5Eryri 2246
Ynys Mon 3Liam Jones6Eryri 2448
Ynys Mon 3Lucas Jackson7Eryri 261117
Ynys Mon 3Joshua Mann8Eryri 2448
Ynys Mon 3Rhian Joy Jones9Eryri 25712
Total Players: 1089